Bowes_Book1Why the Swaledale Royal?
Who burned that haystack?
What were the years of FMD?
Did she really look like that?
What entries did they have in 1969?
How did they get to the show?
How do you put on a show when you have run out of funds?
Butter! Plain or fancy?
How bad was the weather on Show Day 1976?
Why a horse, a runner, and a tractor?
Who won all those challenge cups?
If you took that to Barney today, would you even get a bid?
For the answers to those questions and more, you only need to refer to our book – Bowes Agricultural Society, 138 years and 120 shows later Only £10.00+£1.50 pp

Bowes_Book2A comprehensive guide to the history of the Swaledale Challenge Cup and a pictorial index of the winners 1925 to date.

Only £8.00+£1.50 pp

Please apply to the show secretary

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